Our values

Students’ results

We measure our success according to the results of our customers.


The more we make it practical, the simpler it becomes. We make complex concepts practical and simple.


In a field where there is little transparency, we make transparency one of our main values. We only teach what we do every day.


We believe time is the most valuable asset in our lives.

Our team

Stefano Lokar Pignatari

Co-Founder & Coach

Lorenzo Rocco

Coach Plutonis

Alessandro Dell'Agnolo

Coach Plutonis

Roberto Agricola

Coach Plutonis

Michele Vacca

Certified Plutonis Tutor

Rudy Adamelli

Certified Plutonis Tutor

Caterina Cerbai

Certified Plutonis Tutor

Luigi Di Stefano

Certified Plutonis Tutor

Arianna D'Angelo

Certified Plutonis Tutor

Manuela Calderoni

Customer Success Manager

Irene Celis

Customer Care Manager

Federico Sestini


Mauro Ramis

Video Editor

Luca Busnengo

Conduttore Finanza Svelata Podcast

Andrea De Massari

Co-founder & Strategist

Marco Ferrari

Co-founder & Strategist

Christopher Lucio Merlini

Co-Founder & Manager

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