Consistent results




Plutonis system is the new way of trading with the investor mentality that eliminates all the classic problems related to traditional trading.

The Plutonis process


Discover the Plutonis System in the version that suits you best

Go to the market

Trade only once a month in peace

The trade expires

Upon expiry you will collect the expected result

Repeat every month

Grow your capital or generate steady income

Success stories

Here are some of our students who have already achieved results


The solution for those who want a second entry without a second job.

Trading with traditional methods is stressful, requires a lot of free time, leads you to guess the direction of the market and requires large initial capital. With the Plutonis System you get trading income but without actually trading.


Learn from a true professionist in the industry

Meet Stefano Lokar Pignatari, portfolio manager, independent professional trader, international expert in derivatives and structured products as well as lecturer and inventor of the Plutonis System.

Plutonis system

Find out how I and hundreds of my students generate second income without a second job.

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